Crypto Mandala Tokenomics

Beyond NFT $MNDL ERC-20 Token

The Crypto Mandala Project does more than just providing 11,111 unique art works. At the same time, it offers 555,555,555 $MNDL Tokens to their owners and the market.

$MNDL Farm Rewards

333,33,333 $MNDL Tokens will be distributed to Crypto Mandala holders on a regular basis by NFT staking mechanism.

Use of $MNDL Token

Crypto Mandala Project developed by the same team that presented Avaxtars. The $MNDL Token will be positioned to offer some special advantages in all our projects. We’ll also reveal various partnerships and offer advantages that the $MNDL Token will provide in the future within Crypto Mandala.



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Crypto Mandala is a new generation of NFT project with its own Tokenomics on Avalanche Blockchain Network.