Crypto Mandala AirDrop Guide

6 min readNov 2, 2021

Hello, dear readers and members of our Crypto Mandala community.

As many people are aware, Crypto Mandala is an NFT Collection project presented by the Avaxtars team that was developed on the Avalanche network. Crypto Mandala NFTs can be used to farm Mandala Token s($MNDL) and both assets would be used to gain access to various services and benefits, particularly within the Avaxtars project and other projects of the same team. More information about Crypto Mandala Tokenomics can be found here.

As promised when Crypto Mandala was launched, we offer AirDrops to six different groups, and these AirDrops are now available.

First, here is the address of our $MNDL Token Contract: 0xd3DF6106346Ac91CE76D1AdF291a68581D3fa782

Who is eligible for an AirDrop?

Snapshots were received as of September 26, 2021, 09:00 AM (UTC), and the following groups are eligible to receive $MNDL AirDrop as of this date.

- Wallets that store Avaxtars NFT
- Wallets holding $AVXT
- Active Avalanche Mainnet Validators
- Active Avalanche Mainnet Delegators
- Active Avalanche Fuji Testnet Validators
- Active Avalanche Fuji Testnet Delegators

How can you know if you are eligible for the AirDrop?

For wallets holding Avaxtars NFT and $AVXT on the snapshot date;

All you have to do is go to Crypto Mandala Wallet, connect Metamask wallets to the system, and check the results.

If you see a value in the CLAIMABLE field, it indicates that you have received $MNDL Token AirDrop. To see the details of where this AirDrop came from, click the “SHOW MY WALLET TRANSACTIONS” link. You can see all the details in this section.

For those who have an active Mainnet or Fuji Validation or Delegatin during the snapshot;

For Validators and/or Delegators, these transactions take place with Avalanche Platform Chain (P-Chain) addresses. This P-Chain address is required.

There are two ways to find these addresses:

1- If you know the Node-ID with validation and/or delegation, go to and search with Node-ID to find your P-Chain address on the incoming record.

2- All of your P-Chain addresses are registered in the AVAX Web Wallet, which is used for Validation or Delegation. After logging into AVAX Web Wallet, select Manage Keys from the menu on the left, and then select the HD Addresses icon in the My Keys. By switching to the Platform tab in this window, you can access all of your P-Chain addresses.

After reaching your P-Chain addresses, you must view your rights on Crypto Mandala using your correct P-Chain address and sign a signature to obtain these rights. To do so, go to the Crypto Mandala AirDrop Claim page.

After clicking the Validator/Delegator field on this page, paste your P-Chain address into the form field and click the Check button. If you have more than one P-Chain address, you must try each one until you find the correct one.

Once you’ve located the correct address, a new information and form field will appear. It will display your X-Chain address, which is linked to your P-Chain address, as well as the text required to create a signature.

At this point, in the AWAX Web Wallet, you must select the Advanced tab from the left menu.

In the Sign Message section, copy your X-Chain address from the Crypto Mandala website, paste it into the address field on the AVAX Web Wallet Sign Message page, and choose the address from the list.

Then, on the Crypto Mandala website, copy the message to be signed and paste it into the Message field on the AVAX Web Wallet Sign Message page.
Then, by pressing the Sign Message button, it will create your signature.

Copy the signature and paste it into the Signature field on the Crypto Mandala website’s corresponding page. Make certain that there are no blank spaces in the signature. Then, finally, press the Submit button.

If you have done all the transactions completely and correctly, the AirDrop you are entitled to will be defined in your wallet.

How can I withdraw my $MNDL Tokens to My Metamask Wallet?

You can see the amount of $MNDL Tokens you are entitled to on the Crypto Mandala My Wallet page.

When you click CLAIM $MNDL TOKENS on this page, you will be prompted to perform a simple KYC transaction. Complete this process if you haven’t already done so.

Check all the agreements.
- Enter your full e-mail address and click the Confirm button.
- Type the verification code sent to your e-mail address on the Crypto Mandala page and complete the process.
- After the process is complete, please reload the page with Refresh.

Now you can enter the amount of $MNDL Token you want to transfer to your wallet by pressing the CLAIM $MNDL TOKENS button again. In the meantime, do the required signing procedures with your Metamask Wallet.

When you confirm the transaction, the Avalanche network will ask you to pay a very small transaction fee (up to 0.0025 AVAX), just keep in mind that this amount must be in your wallet.

When the transaction is complete, $MNDL Tokens will be transferred to your Metamask wallet address.

$MNDLK Tokens do not appear in My Metamask Wallet

In your Metamask wallet, click the Import Tokens at the bottom of the Assets section.

In the Token Contract Address field, enter : 0xd3DF6106346Ac91CE76D1AdF291a68581D3fa782

If necessary, the Decimal digit field must be filled in with the value 6.

Once the asset addition is complete, the $MNDL Tokens will be visible in Metamask.

Transferring $MNDL Tokens to my Metamask Wallet is incomplete and they just dissappeared?

Click SHOW MY WALLET TRANSACTIONS on the Crypto Mandala My Wallet page.

On the resulting page, click the repeat button to the far right of the relevant transaction line. You can finish the Metamask signing and transferring processes.

What are the $MNDL Tokens to be used for?

They will be used to gain access to various services in all of the team’s other projects, particularly Avaxtars. More information on these will be released at a later date.

I have more questions and need assistance!
You can always reach out to our community via our social media channels.

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Crypto Mandala is a new generation of NFT project with its own Tokenomics on Avalanche Blockchain Network.